This website was established by a group of clinicians and scientists working on APDS at the time of its discovery.

Clinical academics

Dr Helen Baxendale
Consultant clinical immunologist
Addenbrookes Hospital
Cambridge, UK
Dr Sergey Nejentsev
Consultant geneticist
Addenbrookes Hospital
Cambridge, UK
Professor Andrew Cant
Professor of paediatric immunology
University of Newcastle
Royal Victoria Infirmary
Newcastle Upon Tyne
United Kingdom
Alison Condliffe
Professor of respiratory medicine
Department of infection, immunity and cardiovascular disease
University of Sheffield Medical School

Basic scientists

Dr Klaus Okkenhaug
The Babraham Institute
Dr Philip Hawkins
The Babraham Institute


Dr Edward Banham-Hall
Consultant in acute medicine and Clinical Trials Physician


About us

All about and what we do is a website established by the scientists and clinicians who first discovered Activated PI3 Kinase Delta Syndrome in 2013. This site serves several purposes:

  • To act as a information hub for patients and clinicians wanting to learn more about APDS;
  • To promote collaboration, best practice and advances in understanding of APDS;
  • To provide a portal for a patient registry for individuals affected by APDS, allowing dissemination of new information about clinical advances and trials of new treatments for APDS (this work is underway but not ready for recruitment yet).

Our goal is to promote understanding of APDS. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us.

Major redevelopment underway!

The website is being comprehensively refurbished to bring patients, clinicians and scientists more up to date and authoritative information.  I hope to have this site up and running in November 2016 with a load of new information.

Keep checking back!

Dr Edward Banham-Hall MRCP PhD – the webmaster